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MTG Grants

Grants and Funding 

     PI MrKourosh Saeb-Parsy & Dr Mike Murphy:

     MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship for Mr Jack Martin.

"The role of ischaemia reperfusion injury and mitochondrial dysfunction in the development of chronic allograft vasculopathy." 

£275,603k, October 2014-2017.

     PI Dr Mike Murphy

     MedicaResearch Council-Development Path Funding Scheme MR/M015769/1

"Selective S-nitrosation of mitochondrial complex I by MitoSNO as a new therapy for cardiac ischaemia-reperfusion injury"

£983k, May 2015 – October 2017

              PI Dr Thomas Krieg, Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge 

British Heart Foundation Project Grant PG/12/42/29655  

"Protective properties of a mitochondria-targeted S-nitrosothiol against heart failure   development post myocardial infarction"

£231,115k,  2013 – 2016

       PI Mr Kourosh Saeb-Parsy, Department of Surgery, University of Cambridge

The Evelyn Trust 

 "Antioxidant therapy after renal transplantation"

£164k, 2014-2016

     PI Prof Andrew Bradley, Department of Surgery, University of Cambridge

 NIHR Blood & Transplant Research Unit, 2014-2019.

Lead of cross cutting Theme 8: "Mitochondrial Biology".